It all began with a young girl her whisk, spatula, and a dream

As a vision and passion to serve people the best-tasting meals that satisfy all taste pallets and dietary needs my cooking has a down-home feel. From Italian, Seafood, to a backyard cookout I have expanded my experience into all areas. Not only do I look to provide you with the tastiest meals but also the best service from start to finish. 


Baking -- Who doesn't like to curve their sweet tooth. With generations of baking receipts that can't be found at any store or online. I love making desserts that look good and taste even better. From tiny cookies to giant size ones. One layer cakes for offices to layers upon layers for weddings. Oh, and did I mention, the one of a kind giant cinnamon rolls? They truly are a fan favorite. So don't forget to check out our page on baked goods and sweet tooth cravers.   


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